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  • Pack Mixed Bugs
    Pack Mixed Bugs

    4 edible insects for discovering in this pack to have an idea about The...

    6,99 €
  • Crickets (Grillon taupe)

    Acheta Domesticus A popular snack of high nutritional value

    5,25 €
  • Sago Worms
    Sago Worms

    The Palm worm is an edible insect living mainly within the crown of palm...

    5,25 €
  • Chenese Scorpions
    Chinese Scorpions

    Of all the edible insects, the more improbable is certainly the scorpion.

    7,30 €
  • Geant water bug
    Geant water bug

    Carnivores, the giant water bugs are insects that live in ponds and...

    4,19 €
  • Sauterelles comestibles
    Small grasshoppers

    Small grasshoppers are crispy & tasty.

    5,25 €
  • Scarabées comestibles

    A valuable source of protein with a crunchy taste of toasted bread

    5,25 €
  • Vers à soie

    Particularly popular in Korean cuisine, silkworm has many nutritional...

    5,25 €
  • Coléoptères

    Meal worms are eaten like an aperitif. Popular for their natural taste...

    5,25 €
  • Geant water bug

    The fried spiders is a regional dish of Cambodia.

    6,99 €


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