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Buffalo's mango & rapudra


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2-6 guests
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IngredientsAlphitobius diaperinus, arabica gum, mango puree, craft rapadura, sugar
Volume:150 ML
Weight:30g at 35g
Nutritional information / per 100g:Energy: 1937kJ / 462 kcal; fat: 21.6 g of which saturates: 4.0g; Carbohydrates: 15.7 g of which sugars: 2.4g; Proteins: 51,2g; salt: 5.3 g.
allergens:crustaceans, acacia gum

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A small worms for dessert?

Rapadura juice is obtained after grinding sugar cane, it is concentrated and dehydrated. Then it is packed in bulk. No refining denatures this sugar that is rich in trace elements, it is a really balanced food 100% hand made and of high quality. His taste slightly caramelized brings a note of authenticity. Associated with the taste of juicy mango Brazil these little sweet crickets will give you a note of exoticism. revenue

light ice mango mousse

Ingredients / 6 people

2 ripe mangoes

200 g of white cheese 0%

1 bag of brown sugar or finely grated 5g rapadura

1 tablespoon (s) of cinnamon

15g to Buffalo's

1 pinch of nutmeg

1 clove powder

2 egg whites

2 tablespoon (s) tablespoon sugar


Mix the mango flesh in a blender.

Add the cream cheese, vanilla sugar and spices.

Mount the egg whites, gradually adding the sugar.

Stir in the white cheese mango preparation.

Garnish 4 cups of this mixture.

Freeze for 2 hours.

sprinkle leaving the ice to Buffalo's

serve your light mango mousse.

 A premium brand for authentic flavor

 We had the choice between different brands in multivores to propose you to discover entomophagy in terms of gastronomy with an aperitif. And we chose the TMeat food brand, but why?

 Firstly we wanted to be sure to have quality products, high in conditions that respect the environment with absolute safety, but also taking into account animal welfare. And yes, our tiny friends also deserve to grow in good conditions before becoming our food. On this rare points are outdoor farms offering space near natural conditions to insects, for example the few European farms keep livestock "indoor" under artificial light and large scale. Why turn to the future by reproducing the horrors found in other agricultural sectors?

 On this point TMeat.food brought us guarantees allowing us to visit the farms where their insects come.

 We also wanted, offer the taste and true flavors, food TMeat offer us that. Their insect original recipes are flavored with spices of very high quality without any color, aroma or emulsifier. It's products is the guarantee of 100% all natural products from organic agriculture.

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A pest, became a power source, promising!

 Our to Buffalo (Alphitobius diaperinus) Edible contain lots of protein and have a distinctive nutty flavor produced in the Netherlands they have a first certifications on farming methods in Europe in-door and out-door we have chosen for their nutritional quality, in fact despite the resemblance to their cousins ​​"Mealworms" their taste is different and more subtle. They have long been considered harmful, but before the food challenge that occur we chose to look the other as a single source of good quality easy to produce power are undemanding on maintenance plan with a rate of reproduction fast and rapid growth 100 L of water per ton produced, it is impossible to compete for our cattle for comparison must be the same amount of water for a kilo of meat. Also this insect like many other is sensitive to very few disease or parasites and can not transmit directly to any man. This is another super food.