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black crickets - Provencal herbs


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IngredientsWhole dried crickets (grylus bimaculatus), arabica gum (acacia), rosemary, thyme, savory, marjoram, basil, oregano, parsley, chives
Volume:150 ML
Weight:30g at 35g
Nutritional information / per 100g:Energy: 1848kJ / 440 kcal; fat: 17.7 g of which saturates: 4.0g; carbohydrates: 37,3g of which sugars: 12.2 g; Proteins: 32,9g; Salt: 2.4g.
allergens:crustaceans, acacia gum

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 The Provence region of cicadas from the sun and a live ancestral art.

 An explosion of flavors! This subtle blend of herbs associated with these delicious black crickets.

Black crickets are stronger in flavor than the bought domestica we also offer in this range. These black crickets have a close flavor of toasted peanuts and are more fleshy. Here is a recipe to taste suggestion box:

 Salad Provencal

 Ingredients: 6 people 

- Dry bread crumbs (or toast)

- Chopped parsley (fresh or frozen)

- Garlic (fresh or powdered)

- 3 tomatoes

- 1/2 onion

- 1 box of black crickets

- 2 sucrines (heart salad)


 - Wash and dry salad. Put it in a bowl

- Wash, core and cut in from the tomatoes. add them to the bowl

- Chop into very small pieces onion

- In a bowl to make a parsley sauce: Mix crumbs (crushed hard bread or crackers only) with garlic and chopped parsley (have a light hand crickets are already flavored)

- Add to the salad & crickets

- Make a dressing (olive oil and vinegar) and mix well.

 A premium brand for authentic flavor

 We had the choice between different brands in multivores to propose you to discover entomophagy in terms of gastronomy with an aperitif. And we chose the TMeat food brand, but why?

 Firstly we wanted to be sure to have quality products, high in conditions that respect the environment with absolute safety, but also taking into account animal welfare. And yes, our tiny friends also deserve to grow in good conditions before becoming our food. On this rare points are outdoor farms offering space near natural conditions to insects, for example the few European farms keep livestock "indoor" under artificial light and large scale. Why turn to the future by reproducing the horrors found in other agricultural sectors?

 On this point brought us guarantees allowing us to visit the farms where their insects come.

 We also wanted, offer the taste and true flavors, food TMeat offer us that. Their insect original recipes are flavored with spices of very high quality without any color, aroma or emulsifier. It's products is the guarantee of 100% all natural products from organic agriculture.

 Do not hesitate discover all the range and revolutionize the aperitif !!

 And the crickets never ceases to surprise us!

 Our crickets are a super food! Beyond their environmental interests, crickets contain over 60% protein and are considered one of the best natural sources of protein. They are also a source of Omega 3 and 6, iron-rich source of vitamin B12.

 A figure: a third of the world population.

 And yes ! More than two billion people regularly consume insects in the world!

You do not believe in it ? Yet, insects are a delicacy in many continents such as Africa, Asia, Australia or even in Latin America. It must be said that edible crickets, this is not what is lacking on our beautiful planet! We find around the globe ... and in our daily lives!

To tell you, there is even the LPGMP France (League for the Protection of crickets in the Paris Metro) to defend the interests of the Paris underground Crickets that contributed notably to the cleanliness of our lines nibbling butts at the time where public places were still smoking ... but rest assured, ours are not high on the subway but in specialized livestock farms.