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Edible snakes

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Snake meat is exceptionally good and is very consistent.

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Our edible snakes

These snakes were bred in farms, their main use is medicinal indeed in Asia they are dipped in alcohol or reduced to powder and mixed with medicinal herbs. But the majority of people consume them in soup and that's what we recommend to savor this delicate meat and full of flavors.

How to eat them :

first of all do not eat the head the rest of the body is edible you can cut it into small pieces of 3cm and then boil it for 2h on a low heat with a good mix of spices. Then enjoy this delicious snake soup.

If you are more trendy grill then let these snake a day in the water so that they recover their original texture then throw in the breadcrumbs and made return with a little oil and herbs.

A little culture

The snake (Latin name serpens) is the first identified animal of the Bible. It is he who drives Eve to bite into the forbidden fruit and thus to transgress the Law of God the Father and then to make love to Adam. It is a living vertebrate ten years. He is deaf because he has no ears but is very sensitive to the vibrations of the soil that he feels in his body. They have welded and transparent eyelids that give them this look of fixed gaze. It has bad eyesight so some people stand up during the hunt. It is located in their environment thanks to the smells and air movements they feel thanks to their bifid tongue.
They do not feed during the period before moulting. He uses two hunting techniques: either the ambush or he goes in search of his prey (he maraud). During the hunt, the snake can give the coup de grace in three different ways: choking, injection of a neurotoxic venom, interference of the prey. The snake has powerful jaws that can disarticulate so that it can swallow prey larger than him. You must know that the snake can jump several meters high to attack a prey. This phenomenon is rare but it exists.