Pasta crickets & spelt flour

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Pasta-protein insects, crickets Radiator.

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IngredientsFlour of small spelled, flour of crickets, eggs from organic farming, water, salt.
Weight:125g or 250g
Nutritional information / per 100g:Energy 375 kcal1/1587kj fat : 6.2g/9% Saturated fatty acids: 1.7g 9% Carbohydrates : 64g 25% with sugar : 3.8g 4% proteins: 15g 30% salt: 0.54g 9%
allergens:shellfish (mollusco,crustacés)

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homemade dry pasta at very low gluten manufactured based on small spelled flour, egg "outdoors" and crickets flour (7%). Drying the old, slow and at low temperatures.

The crickets provide protein and high quality nutrients.

Most species of insects are rich in fatty acids (comparable to fish); rich in fiber and trace elements such as copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc.

Sport and diet: These pastes are therefore ideal to sportsmen, tired people, convalescents, wanting to lose weight or wanting to just stay in shape.

Comoposition: The control unit is a kraft bag with a net weight of 250g.

Ingredients: Flour spelled, crickets flour, eggs from organic farming, water, salt.

More: The Radiator (radiatori plural), is a special paste that recalls a certain type of radiator pipe-shaped with fins.

This particular form functions as a trap, so they are generally used for stews, but also in salads or soups.

Pronounce [ra-dia-to-Regula]