Bamboo worms

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Omphisa fuscidentalis more commonly known as bamboo worm. This edible insect develops in the groves of bamboo in the North of the Thailand, Laos and Burma, as well as in the province of Yunnan. The inhabitants of these regions consider it as a delicacy and is particularly appreciated.

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IngredientsVers de bambou, huile végétale, arôme naturel, sel
Comments:Sans Conservateurs, sans colorants, Frits et déshydratés, riche en protéine et en fibre

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Bamboo worm is white and typically measure 3.5 to 4 cm long. After 45 to 60 days, the larvae mature and then enters a phase of prolonged sleep, lasting 8 months. This long period called diapause is exceptional for a tropical insect. It is probably caused by the particular climate of this region undergoing important amplitudes of temperatures and humidity, which affects the availability of food for the larvae. Therefore this is the period to collect  bamboo worms.